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Observation of neutronless fusion reactions in picosecond laser plasmas

V. S. Belyaev, A. P. Matafonov, and V. I. Vinogradov
Central Research Institute of Machine Building, Korolev, Moscow Region, Russia
V. P. Krainov
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 141700 Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russia
V. S. Lisitsa
Institute of Nuclear Fusion, RSC “Kurchatov Institute,” 123182 Moscow, Russia
A. S. Roussetski
P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 117333 Moscow, Russia
G. N. Ignatyev and V. P. Andrianov
Research Institute of Pulse Technology, Moscow, Russia


The yield of α particles in neutronless fusion reactions 11B+p in plasmas produced by picosecond laser pulses with the peak intensity of 2 × 1018 W/cm2 has been observed. Experiments were carried out on the “Neodymium” laser facility at the pulse energy of 10–12 J and pulse duration of 1.5 ps. The composite targets 11B+(CH2)n were used. The yield of 103 α particles per pulse has been observed. The energy spectrum of α particles contains two maxima: at 3–4 MeV and at 6–10 MeV. The first of these peaks corresponds to the secondary α12 particles at the decay of the intermediate first excited state of 8Be, whereas the second peak demonstrates generation of α1 particles in the reaction 11B+p with the production of this excited state. Simultaneous measurements of neutrons result in zero yield, which proves the observation of neutronless fusion reactions in our experiments.

PhysRevE.72.026406 10 August 2005

The American Physical Society

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